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Chase Vinyl Strip Curtains improve the traffic flow as they help speed the movement of your personnel or materials between two areas in your building by eliminating the stop, open, move through and manually close actions that a traditional door requires. Their Strip Curtains also provide protection against noise, wind and dirt therefore helping to provide a comfortable work environment for your employees.

For cooler and freezer door applications, Chase Strip Curtains can reduce heater wear, reduce filter maintenance, reduce coil icing and assist in longer shelf life for refrigerated products. Chase PVC Strip Doors and PVC Strip Curtains are easy to maintain, and if necessary, repair or replace. They are very versatile and can adapt to a wide range of applications.

Global Industrial

Visi-Guard PVC strips feature raised surface areas that are the same thickness as conventional smooth strip door material and recessed areas that reduce contact with equipment and personnel, minimizing scratches. This unique design offers increased scratch resistance for prolonged visibility and reduced cling between strips for easier passage. Door strips include MaxBullet® HTP cross-link polymer mounting hardware. 8"W strips offer 50% strip overlap (2" each side) and 12"W strips have 66% strip overlap (4" each side). Door includes safety orange end panel strips.

Continental Plastic Doors

VERILON® Strip Doors are used throughout industrial, commercial and institutional structures, both indoors and outdoors. You can see through it, walk through it and drive through it. Made up of a series of overlapping flexible VERILON® vinyl strips that are transparent, odorless and non-toxic. The strips part only enough to let a person or truck pass through. The balance of the strips remain closed with the parted strips falling right back into place automatically after passage, ensuring minimum loss of expensive heated or cooled air. VERILON® Vinyl Strips are tough, sturdy - able to withstand the impact of heavy equipment and constant use.

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